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What is the point of a second chance?

The point of a second chance is to prove to that someone, that you’re worth giving it another try. Redemption. To maybe show them that you’ve grown as a person, smarter, stronger, and so forth. That maybe this time, things will be different, better. Second chances don’t come very often. If someone were to give you a second chance, would you take it? What if you’re that person who wants a second chance, though the other person isn’t willing to give you one. Will you keep trying? To try and show that person you’ve changed for the better. Maybe you were the reason it didn’t work out. Maybe you broke up with that person. In any situation, the outcome varies. To keep it simple. The point of a second chance, is to continue what one person or both people feel has not ended, or maybe never did. That tiny bit of hope that either one or both of you held on to. That’s my belief on second chances. It’s rare for second chances to ever occur, but if it ever does, take my advice. Take that second chance, because you never know if there will be another.

All of me

If you asked someone about me, they’ll probably tell you that I’m a selfish asshole that only cares and thinks about himself.

If you asked someone who really knew me, they’ll tell you that I’m a sensitive, caring, and honest person. Not what you’d expect.

When it comes down to it, I like to think that I’m a pretty great guy. Minus a few flaws here and there, but no one’s perfect. I get mad at the littlest things when it comes to someone I care for, like, love. Though I’ve learned to try and not let it bother me, or at least take a short amount of time to be upset about it, then get over it. What’s being upset going to do? Not make anything better that’s for sure. I’d rather use that time to make things better than worse. I’d rather be holding you and kissing you all over your face, then facing the other way being a butt. I’m the kind of guy that will rarely ever find someone that can make me smile, someone I can give my all to. When I do, you better be ready for a whole lot of love. I believe in taking chances, no matter what the situation. I’d rather know, then not know at all. Sometimes chances come once in a lifetime right? Well then. Take it while you can, because you never know if that chance will present itself again if ever. Hope that maybe you were enough to leave a mark on someones heart, that’ll be there when the time is right and it all comes around full circle. I’m the guy who doesn’t give up on love, I try and try until I can’t anymore. I’ll keep trying as long as you do, as long as you never give up on me. That’s all you need to do, is try. I won’t chase you, unless you give me a reason to. If you care about me the way that I care for you, I’ll chase you. As long as you’re there to meet me halfway. If not, then I can’t. I won’t do that to myself. We crossed paths for a reason. Out of the billions of people out there, you and I crossed paths. Everything happens for a reason. I guess what I’m really trying to say is, if you let me in, if you give me all of you, you won’t regret it. No games, no bullshit. I will give you “All of me.” I promise you.

*Pinky Promise-Kiss-Touch Thumbs*


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I dont know if youll see this ever or even if I want you to, im kind of hoping you wont.. but youre pretty amazing in the craziest ways. I love that youre blunt and funny. We are so much alike, to be honest it scares me a bit. Everything about you is everything I know I should look for in a guy. Dont get me wrong though Im not saying I want you or I mean maybe I've thought about it. I guess im just saying youre adorable thank you for your friendship. You are the proof not all guys are the same.

I haven’t been on tumblr in a very long time, though I’m happy that I chose to go on today. Whoever you are, thank you. I’m glad you feel this way. It’s nice to know that some people actually see the person that I am, instead of what they want to see and so forth.

Thanks for making me smile. :]

I’ll always remember the night I met him.

I went out with a couple of friends to a club called “Fusion” in Waikiki, Hawaii. As I was waiting in line with a friend to buy a drink, I noticed 2 guys next to me. One of them pointed me out to his friend next to him. Let’s just call him “B.” When B noticed me, he said to his friend “Oh wow, he’s out of my league.” Hearing that, I faced towards him and introduced myself, looked directly into his eyes and smiled. I’m not sure if he knew himself, but he was handsome. I’ve seen him a few times before, but never thought to approach him. As the night progressed, we drank a few drinks together and talked here and there. As the night ended, I made a decision to further our conversation elsewhere, we ended up at his place. By the time we got there, we were so exhausted that we ended up falling asleep together, as he held me in his arms. Once I woke up, he came out of the kitchen with a plate of various fruits. Did I mention that he was only in his underwear and his body was gorgeous. I mean, damn. As we laid together eating some fruits, I thought to myself “this guy is fucking adorable.” We talked more, getting to know each other, the basics really. He was older than me, so it was nice to know where he came from and where he’s been. After awhile, we ended up going to the movie theaters and watched a movie, we held hands in the theater of course. After the movie, we rented a few more movies before returning to his place. We laid in bed and watched another movie, only to have him fall asleep on me, now that was cute. Soon after that, I fell asleep as well. Later that night I revealed to B that I was moving. All we did that day was enjoy each others company, watched a few movies, fell asleep, and cuddled. Before I left he said, “I’m sad that you’re leaving.” I asked, “Why?” He responded, “Because you’re a great guy, plus you’re so sexy. Anyone would be lucky to have you, I’m already jealous of the next person you end up with.” I left the island a few days later.

This I Promise You.

"Hey, I’m dying right now."

Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail with some roommates.

"Kiss You" at Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail

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